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From very humble beginnings in 2002, I formed a small business to teach English in Japan, called 'Route-2-English™'. For several years, business was doing great and then the financial crisis of 2008 saw the need for drastic changes. And with the birth of 'YouTube'® two years beforehand, came the perfect opportunity to offer online lessons!

So 'EnglishNowTV'™ was born and saw rapid success both on and offline. As time progressed, more and more clients asked us to provide easier to understand materials, more relevant to their careers. EnglishLesson.Info™ is the result of many years producing such materials in books, audios, videos and presentations!

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Dedicated to helping you succeed, backed by decades of experience, a track record of proven results & thousands of satisfied students.


500+ professionals trained


35+ Years of Experience


15+ Companies Association


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Offering Courses

Elevate your English skills with a proven course of study using materials unique to your needs. Results Guaranteed!

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TOEIC Mastery

4-6 Weeks

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Business Professionals

4 - 52 Weeks

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16 - 32+ Weeks