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Our lessons use real life situations that people can relate to. From Basic Beginner to Advanced Intermediate. Try one of our FREE lessons and join us to get more inside! Perfect for self-study or busy teachers with little time to prepare for class! Try one of our free pages!
Fun Role-Playing lessons get students talking and using real English! Ideal for all student levels who need to build their confidence, learn better intonation as well as understand the importance of using good dialogue. Perfect on the go lessons that require little to no paperwork! Try one of our free pages!
When you see the TED logo, represents a TED Talk based video with a transcript and like other lessons, may have Worksheets and PowerPoint Presentations* to assist for visual stimulation. *(Does not apply to all lesson materials).
With our answer sheets as part of your subscription, you’ll have the answers you need to check your English. And if you’re an ESL Teacher, you’ll have a ready-made lesson plan for your students!


  • Michael Ibragimov
    Moscow, Russia (now living in Australia)
    “I’ve just received the results of my IELTS test. I’ve passed it!...I’m absolutely sure that I couldn’t have passed it without your help and want to thank you for your hard work. Thank you again, all the best. Michael.”
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